Course Description

Welcome to the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, the world's "gold standard" credential for finance professionals.

The beginning your life-changing CFA journey starts here.  If you are like most candidates, you have never taken any exam like CFA Program.  When is the last time you sat an exam spanning 10 different topics -- twice in one day?

Let me show you how to build a strong foundation to your CFA studies.  This powerful mindset will serve you well at Level 1 as well as Levels 2 and 3.

Top Tip for Level 1 CFA Exam Success: Re-learn how to study on your own while juggling work and family -- forget cramming!

Upcoming Courses

Calgary CFA BA II Plus Professional Workshop: Jan 2019 with Daren Miller

Starts January 12, 2019 in Calgary, AB

Calgary 2019 June CFA Level 1 Prep Course: 14-Weeks with Daren Miller

Starts January 15, 2019 in Calgary, AB