The best relationships require a great match

Here are the kind of people whom I work well with:

  • You like to study from the official CFA curriculum and exhaust CFA resources to be overprepared for the exam
  • You have an exciting job related to investments and have an optimistic, cheerful outlook towards work and life
  • You are a professional in another field looking to improve your financial acumen
  • You might have failed the CFA exam multiple times, learned from past mistakes, and are now ready to try a new path
  • You are extremely ambitious, yet friendly, genuinely happy, and like to support peers in a collabortaive classroom / online community
  • You believe in yourself and know that you will earn the CFA charter, not for the letters, but for personal growth

If this sounds mostly like you, then I'd be thrilled to speak with you.  If not, there are plenty of other CFA instructors whom you can work with.

My CFA offerings are all about personal service, so please complease the form below to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk.  I don't share your contact details, and I won't harvest information about you to sell you sh*t that you do not need.

Thank you.


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