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Toronto 2019 June CFA L3 6-Day Review Workshop

Toronto 2019 June CFA L3 6-Day Review Workshop

Get targeted, last-minute support across the entire L3 curriculum. On the final day, complete an original three-hour morning session mock exam and get individual feedback.

Who will be teaching this class?  Daren E. Miller (earned the CFA designation in 1999; passed Level 3 on the first attempt and was a senior L3 exam grader in 2000 and 2001)

What is fhe secret to passing the morning session on L3?  "Less is more!"  Candidates tend to overthink both the difficulty of the questions and the complexy of their answers.  L3 questions are remarkably straighforward, with no hidden assumptions and no tricks.  By reading too fast or carelessly, candidates become their own worst enemy of the exam.  Daren will show you to slow down, read questions more carefully, and structure short answers, most of the time in *** less than ten words ***.

What will be covered?  We teach the most challenging topics that are likely testable on the morning portion of the CFA Level 3 curriculum.  We call these difficult topics "red flags" and these are notated in our classes and course material.  You can learn the easier topics in your own time.  We teach the toughest topics first so that you have more time to practice them.  We believe that the "red flags" are minor inconveniences that you can eventually master with practice and repetition.

What about Daren's popular morning Level 3 mock exams?  One complete, original mock exam is included in your course fee.  Daren will grade it for you and provide you with his grading key so you get valuable feedback on your handwriting.  Most candidtes write waaaaaay too much and are waaaaaay off target with their answers.

Will I get to practice what I learned in class?  Absolutely!  You will practice solving several exam-type questions and go over answer rationales with common exam traps to avoid.  Our classes are exam focused, so we put you under pressure so you know what to expect on exam day.

What if I have a question outside of class?  We moderate an exclusive, online community that brings together our instructors and candidates.  The community is organized by topics, so you can zero in on sticking points.

Do you offer Early Bird pricing?  Yes!  Register by January 1, 2019 and save $500 off the regular price of $4,000.

Each day runs from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break on your own.  We reconvene at 2:00 p.m. and finish each day at 5:00 p.m.

Day 1 Monday May 20: IPS for Individual Investors plus issues in Behavioural Finance, Taxes, Estate Planning, and Risk Management

Day 2 Tuesday May 21: IPS for Institutional Investors, Equity, and Alternative Investments

Day 3 Wednesday May 22: Fixed Income -- all day!!!

Day 4 Thursday May 23: Asset Allocation, Economics

Day 5 Friday May 24: Derivatives, Risk Management, and "Volume 6" issues, including GIPS

Day 6 Saturday, May 25 Morning Mock Exam followed by individual feedback session

Starts May 20, 2019
Runs 9:00 to 8:30 PM
Ends May 25, 2019
Phone: 403-922-7344
Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Toronto, ON M5J 1E3
Early Bird: Save $500 CAD$ 3,500.00 + CAD$ 175.00 GST
until January 1st, 2019
Regular Price CAD$ 4,000.00 + CAD$ 200.00 GST