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Calgary CFA Level 1 Prep Class 2019

Calgary CFA Level 1 Prep Class 2019

Financial Talent Exchange Suite 2118, Sun Life Plaza, North Tower 140 – 4th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3N3

Starts on Jan 15, 2019 Ends on Apr 15, 2019
Complete within 14 weeks 3 hours per week Runs from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Regular Price CAD$ 999.00 + CAD$ 49.95 GST
This CFA prep course is ideal for candidates who like to start early, prepare over many months, and network with like-minded candidates.

Who will be teaching this class?  Daren Miller

What is your teaching style?  We are serious about the CFA Program and that is reflected in how we approach our teaching.  And we are also friendly, supportive, and a lot of fun to learn with.  We create a safe, supportive place for you to ask questions and get help when you need it, inside and outside the classroom.  We teach the official CFA curriculum because we believe that there are no shortcuts to CFA success.

What will be covered?  We teach the most challenging topics in the CFA Level 1 curriculum.  We call these difficult topics "red flags" and these are notated in our classes and course material.  You can learn the easier topics in your own time.  We teach the toughest topics first so that you have more time to practice them.  We believe that the "red flags" are minor inconveniences that you can eventually master with practice and repetition.

Should I do the readings before each class?  Yes.  In our experience, those who are better prepared for each class have the greatest chance of CFA success.  By being prepared, you can ask questions on items that are challenging you.

What if I miss a class?  Class is so better when you attend!  We encorage you to attend every class, and if you are unable to attend, we will let you know what you missed and supply you with all of the in-class material that you missed.  We will follow-up on absenses so that you know will be missed in class and to hold you accountable to your study goals.  

What will I get?  You will receive a PowerPoint slide deck for each class so you don't have to worry about taking notes.  We've done the note-taking for you!  Don't worry: unlike other prep course providers, we don't just read slide decks.  We engage with you so that you have fun while learning.

What to bring to class?  Your BA II Plus Professional calculator.  We recommend the "Pro" version because it has a couple of extra functions and you can easily replace the battery.

Will I get to practice what I learned in class?  Absolutely!  You will practice solving several exam-type questions and go over answer rationales with common exam traps to avoid.  Our classes are exam focused, so we put you under pressure so you know what to expect on exam day.

What if I have a question outside of class?  We moderate an exclusive, online community that brings together our instructors and candidates.  The community is organized by topics, so you can zero in on sticking points.

I need a quiet place to study.  Can I use the FTE classroom when it's not in use?  Yes!  We will be posting classroom study hours during class times.

Do you offer Early Bird pricing?  Yes!  Register by November 15 and save $200.

2019 class schedule held on the following Tuesdays from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm in our classroom in the Sun Life Plaza (with gorgeous Calgary views, if we do say so ourselves!)

*** The first five weeks will focus on two of the toughest topics at Level 1.  Master these topics early so that you can move ahead with confidence. ***

Week 1: Tuesday, Jan 15: FRA (Red flags: R23: revenue recognition; basic and diluted earnings per share; R24: measurement bases; R25: directed and indirect CFO, CFI, CFF)

Week 2: Tuesday, Jan 22: FRA (Red flags: R26: five groups of ratios; DuPont analysis; R27: LIFO verus FIFO)

Week 3: Tuesday, Jan 29: FRA (Red flags: R28: capitalizing versus expensing; depreciation methods; R29: full coverage; R30: EIM method; operating versus capital leases)

Week 4: Tuesday, Feb 5: Quantitative Methods

Week 5: Tuesday, Feb 12: Quantitative Methods


Week 6: Tuesday, Feb 26: Fixed Income

Week 7: Tuesday, March 5: Fixed Income

Week 8: Tuesday, March 12: Equity

Week 9: Tuesday, March 19: Economics

Week 10: Tuesday, March 26: Economics


Week 11: Tuesday, April 9: Derivatives

Week 12: Tuesday, April 12: Corporate Finance & Alternative Investments

Week 13: Tuesday, April 23: Portfolio Management

Week 14: Tuesday, April 30: Ethics & GIPS


Remember to stay connected in the online forum and take advantge of our office study hours.  You've got this!

CFA Level I exam date in Calgary: Saturday, June 15, 2019