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We are a leading CFA and CSC prep course provider headquartered in Calgary. Our exuberant team provides a high level of support to our global roster of diverse clients and friends, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Our unique CFA prep formula is more than lectures and workshops. We get to the bottom of core reasons why people lose focus and sight of their goals.

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We pride ourselves in taking quality and support to the next level, as our friends take on some of the hardest challenges they’ll ever face in their careers.

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Our exuberant instructors develop long-term relationships to encourage interactive learning, on the sole belief that more minds are better than one

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We know how to unlock the most common and detrimental learning blocks that self-doubt and lack of self-confidence can create in our minds

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Financial Talent Exchange helps finance and investment professionals worldwide in their quest to earn the prestigious CFA designation and Canadian CSC as they build rewarding careers. We deliver high-quality exam prep, both in a traditional classroom setting and through online courses.

Our roster of passionate instructors teach with empathy, patience, and integrity creating a trusting, nurturing, and safe learning environment across all candidate skill levels. We are serious about helping people reach their full potential while having some fun in getting there!

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Daren E. Miller
Founder and CFA Instructor

Daren is one of the world's most experienced and popular CFA prep course instructors. A graduate of Cambridge University, Daren earned the CFA designation in 1999, passing each level in one attempt. He is a former senior CFA Level III exam grader.

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