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Join an online curated forum where you can get your questions answered, learn and share with others.

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Everyone loves Daren's Wiley videos. Our custom FinTalEx videos are even better! Download the videos and watch on your own time and device. Get a FinTalEx membership to gain access!

Daren's Teaching Style

Energetic, optimistic, and fun. Your toughest CFA questions anticipated and answered. Small classes.

I endorse the CFA Curriculum
Schweser Versus Wiley? Wrong question!

Why avoid the same official curriculum that the CFA examiners use to write exam questions? I am faithful to the CFA Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) and the language used in the curriculum.

I Focus 100% on the CFA Program
I'm not a part-time moonlighter

Mastering the CFA Program and learning new ways to teach it to my clients is not just a job - it's my obsession! I don't teach with PowerPoint slides as a prop because I am experienced in teaching.

I Help You Outside the Classroom
Life is more than just CFA prep

Channels are 100% open for my clients. I'm always open to talk with you in complete confidence about curriculum issues, careers and to offer personal support.

I Build Long-term Relationships
I am approachable, friendly, and ready to help

I still work with my very first institutional client from almost 20 years ago. I'm honoured to be part of your CFA lifelong learning journey.

Your success
is my success

Since the start of my professional CFA training career in 2001, I have helped thousands of investment professionals worldwide in their quest to earn the prestigious CFA designation. One of my greatest joys is celebrating a hard-earned CFA success and then watching as my clients' lives take off without the exam pressure.

I am serious about helping people reach their full potential, while having some fun in getting there. Join me in person at my home base in Calgary, in other cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Melboure, or online.

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Get to know Daren

An experienced and dynamic instructor with big ideas and a bigger personality

Daren E. Miller
Founder and CFA Instructor

Daren is one of the world's most experienced and popular CFA prep course instructors. A graduate of Cambridge University, Daren earned the CFA designation in 1999, passing each level in one attempt. He is a former senior CFA Level III exam grader.

Knowledgable,... Meet Daren

Not only does Daren know the material but also he is insanely passionate about it. This passion is what makes his courses truly amazing.

Harry Chandler, CFA | Crude Oil Trading at BP London | World Economic Forum Global Shaper

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